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Customer Service


I wanted to post something today just because I feel it’s important to introduce new material on a daily basis.

It makes for a good habit, and it shows respect for the people who take the time every day to stop by and visit.  It’s no different than a company having really good customer service, so that its customers keep coming back.

I never quite understood why customer service has become so poor in some stores.  Surely the CEOs realize that customer service is one of the most influential factors leading a customer back.  Thus, good customer service equals improved profits.  And considering that every business in the world wants your dollar, you’d think they would act more appreciative solely from an economic perspective.

I think this has partially occurred because the shopping dynamic has changed radically over the past few decades.  People used to mainly shop for necessities.  As necessities (food, clothes, cars, etc.) are generally sold by several retailers, businesses had to compete with excellent customer service.  All things being equal, you’d probably go buy your eggs from the guy who seemed glad to have you in his store.  In fact, even if the eggs cost a few pennies more, you’d still rather give him your business than the grouch down the street who seemed annoyed you came in.  In that sense, the market regulated customer service- those who didn’t have it quickly found themselves out of business…


Nowadays, there are several products that you can only buy from a few retailers- iPods, for example.  Stores know this and don’t really care if you feel special- either you’ll buy the product or your won’t.  If you don’t, there are several other people who will.

But why is that?  Why have people in general stopped caring about customer service?  Why do so many customers put up with it?  Because we no long shop mainly to get necessities- we shop to find happiness though the possession of things.  Fifty years ago, no one bought eggs because they would make them happy- they bought eggs because they were cheap.  Nowadays, we buy a ton of things we don’t need simply because we feel that owning it will make our lives better.  So, we don’t care if the salesperson is a jerk because we want the thing itself more than a meaningful shopping experience.

People used to be called customers or guests- intimating that the store wanted you there.  Now the word that’s in economic vogue is consumers, reflecting the materialistic locusts so many shoppers have become.

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