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I’ve noticed a strange and wonderful thing…

…happening over the last few days- as a result of my efforts on this blog, I’ve truly grown happier.  Not a monumental change to be sure, and I have no plans of dancing on the rooftops, but I’m happier.

Attitude certainly influences our reality, in that our attitude can determine what choice we make.  If I wanted to make tomorrow the worst day of my life, I probably could.  I could drop out of law school, burn down the house I’m living in, leave my wife, and then kill five people before being wounded by police and later arrested.  I’m pretty sure that would qualify as my worst day ever.

 Conversely, it’s more difficult to have your best day ever.  There is no happiness gun one can just shoot aimlessly.  We can’t plan on saving the lives of five people or helping the police capture a criminal.  We can’t schedule the day we meet the love of our lives.  All we can do is try to think positively and hope for the best, even when the situation looks grim.

I’m the last person to buy into The Secret, and I don’t think that sitting in a dark room thinking happy thoughts will bring you fortune and fame.  But if we encounter even the humdrum elements of our daily lives with a small measure of happiness, two things seem to happen.  First, we become more happy.  Second, the people you interact with are happier and the resulting relationships are much more meaningful and fulfilling.  This success leads to confidence and security, which leads to even more opportunities.

Those that are happy also see problems as opportunities, whereas those who aren’t so happy see problems as problems.  The difference is that happy people have more opportunities, which leads to more success.  Someone in the early 1900s saw the problem of walking or riding a horse everywhere, and made a car.  I’m sure thousands of other people saw the same problem and simply whined about it while riding their horse. 

That’s the difference.  Tomorrow, when you encounter a problem- and you surely will, if you are human- try to find a way to turn it into an opportunity, and see if the results aren’t surprising.

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  1. Glad to see you blogging again. I’ll get up with you after the Bar.

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