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Where we are.

If the goal of this blog is to determine the direction we are to be headed in, then it would make a certain amount of sense to first explore where we are. 

Most people I know aren’t happy.  It’s not that they’re sad- it’s more of an emotional ambivalence that would allow them to serve as extras for a zombie movie.  Here’s the weird thing- if you were to ask them, they would undeniably say that either a) they are happy, or b) they want to be happy.  I’m of the opinion that 95% of the people who would say they are happy really aren’t, and what they really mean is that they’ve become so used to the fugue state they’re in that they have forgotten what happiness is.  We’ve become hostages to our routines, and the Stockholm syndrome kicked in long ago- instead of fighting our self-captivity, we’ve assisted in the tightening of our bonds. 

Those in subsection b attempt to find happiness in a myriad of ways- most of which involve mass consumption and surviving off the scraps of a celebrity/consumeristic lifestyle that fills the gut but never truly satiates.  For we’ve been raised to think that we should earn lots of money.  Why?  Mostly, so we can buy things.  Why do we buy things?  So we have something to do with all our money.  What we’re really left with is no time, lots of stuff, and little money- and all that stuff coupled with little time doesn’t leave a lot of room for happiness, creativity, and self-worth to grow.

We’ve become obsessed with watching other people succeed- be it movie stars, athletes, or simply people whose job it is to look pretty when attacked with thousand dollar dresses and a team of stylists.  We’ve become voyeurs, content to watch other people live their lives. 

I, too, am guilty of this.  Last night, I spent $120 trying to set up my own domain name and web server, so I could start a website.  After spending countless frustrating hours and realizing that it was much more difficult than I thought, I focused on why I wanted the website in the first place.  Then I realized- it was pure pride.  I wanted a site that said “www.imsoterriblyimportantlookatmeandbeinaweofmyincrediblemind.com, just for looks.  In other words, I wanted to spend a lot of money and time so I could espouse the twin concepts of voluntary simplicity and the pursuit of happiness.  That’s patently ridiculous.

So, please don’t think I mean to patronize.  I’m no preacher and this is certainly not a sermon.  But there’s go to be more than this- this blog is for me and like-minded individuals who seek to find more meaning and happiness in their lives- I think that the first step is realizing that merely doing what we’re doing day in and day out isn’t cutting it.  We need to step outside of ourselves for just a moment and take a long, hard objective look at the histories of our lives.  I, personally, want the second half to look a whole lot better than the first.   

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