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Adventure Report #1

Spent about 2-3 hours walking around my town, today, just taking pictures and enjoying life.  It was nice.  One thing I learned very quickly is just how ingrained this “must go somewhere” mentality is.  Even as I was walking, my pace would quicken, as if I had a goal in mind.  I forced myself to slow down and focus on each step, and make that step a journey in and of itself.  I think we could all benefit from more strolling in our lives.


Found this plant near the State Capitol.  One thing I like about photography is it allows us the chance to focus on the small.  How many thousands of people have passed this plant and never glanced at it once?  Several more pictures after the jump…


The Capitol itself.  It lies roughly two miles from my home.  I’m always amazed at the architecture and the labor that was placed into this structure.  Anyone who worked on it surely has some testament to their craft left behind, even though they’ve long since died. 


A more stylistic shot, that at the same time tells less but says more. It was a beautiful day outside, and I began to wish that I had left my coat at home.  Some people asked me for directions, but I didn’t know where they were going.


From the Capitol, I strolled over to the downtown cemetery.  I found this small flower thriving in the unseasonably warm spring weather we’re enjoying.  Oddly enough, I also found a circular saw blade stuck halfway in the ground.  Didn’t expect that- oh well, that’s what adventures are for, I guess.


I generally avoid taking pictures of graves, for the plain reason that they’re difficult to capture with a camera.  Trees are the same way- with their twisting trunks, gnarled branches, and huge sculpturesque qualities, they don’t exactly lend themselves to a one-dimensional medium.  Statues, however, are different.  They lend enough familiarity for the viewer to understand the shot, so I took this.  The sculptor captured an expression on her face that’s hard to fathom, and wonderful to behold- a mixture of sadness, contentment, and stoic acceptance of fate. 


After the cemetery, I decided to go to the fairgrounds.  There’s a rodeo in town, but being the intrepid reporter I am, I was only able to find a donkey.  There were two others ones with him, but he was the only one who posed for the camera.


Okay, I lied just a bit.  I was able to snap this shot when the guy had his back turned by holding the camera through the bars.  What’s strange is that this whole thing is taking place just a few miles from downtown.  It’s like they airlifted a Texas cattle ranch and dropped it in the city for a few days.


The last thing I did before returning home was look at the tractor show.  There were probably 40 tractors on display.  These are the lucky ones that are not resigned to sit and rust out in one of the many fields we have in our state.  I can’t imagine the time, money and effort someone would have to devote in order to restore this thing.  It’s not like one can run to Autozone or something.

Well, that was my adventure.  I hope you undertook one today.  When I got home, I was tired, but I had a wealth of memories.

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